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Press and Sheet metal In Cebu


Nitto challenges "MONOZUKURI" which creates our futures.

Company Name
Business Activity
Developing and manufacturing press sheet, metal and plastic parts
Pahiyas Drive, MEZ-Ⅱ‐SEZ, Basak,
Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines, 6015
October 7, 2013
Date PEZA approved
November 29, 2013
35 million PHP "Nitto Ltd. 100% owned"
Factory building area
Number of employees
14 in total (as of June 2015) 2 Japanese and 12 local staff.

■Why in the Philippines, Why in Cebu Island?

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Since establishment, we have been responding to a wide variety of customer needs with a comprehensive production system from design to manufacturing and up to assembly.
We have been working in a new field called plastic injection molding as a third area of business in addition to press machining and sheet processing.

Press parts

Make the impossible possible... will make it happen in state-of-the-art facilities.

We pursue the best for our customers in advanced equipments.
To respond to various customer needs, NITTO annually updates facilities aiming to create high-quality products, such as large-scale presses and coil level feeders, etc.
At the same time, we have created the complex and efficient production line to provide high quality, low cost, and high-mix low-volume production and also always pursue advanced quality and cost performance.

  • Press parts1
  • Press parts2
  • Press parts3
  • Press parts4

Sheet metal parts

Our accuracy of technique and achievements have been acknowledged at home and abroad.

Create a comfortable space with dreams.
We demonstrate superior technology to the world.
As a cooperative company, with manufacturers that produce machine tools, industrial machinery and air-conditioners, we have been pursuing a consistent production from sheet metal to assembly painting.
We are exploring in unknown fields with dynamic creativity and are enhancing the capability of technological development, production, plants and reliability evaluation.

  • Sheet metal parts1
  • Sheet metal parts2
  • Sheet metal parts3
  • Sheet metal parts4

Assembly process

Integrated capacity of design, manufacturing and assembly in response to our customers requirements.

We manage the whole process from design to assembly.
We produce high-quality products in an efficient production system.
Depending on the product and the material, the best way for manufacturing and assembly are different.
NITTO Assembly processing is a consistent production system, from the stage of development and design to assembly process, focusing on enhancing the quality and improving cost performance.
We also actively carry out composite assembly of press, plastic and electronic parts, regardless of the product type, we can offer great flexibility for the demand of the multi-faceted unit products.

  • Assembly process1
  • Assembly process2
  • Assembly process3
  • Assembly process4

Truck sales

A Moving Cart to meet your demands.

We have focused on producing in response to our customers' requests.
The carry handy "Carry Otegaru" for fashionable women, the "off-road truck" that can travel even on small steps and unpaved road and 4 type of "connective and flat moving cart" which can be easily connected vertically and horizontally, in addition, "Moving cart with grips" which is easy to carry.
We also offer a custom-made aluminum truck that match the containers you are using.

  • Truck1
  • Truck2
  • Truck3
  • Truck4


The unique press processing technology of NITTO, "manufacturing" technology is effected and streamlined.
Since its inception, NITTO has developed in flexibility with the ability to fulfill customers demands in design, manufacturing and assembly.
As a comprehensive press goods supply company, Nitto has received a high evaluation from the market.

Machinery facility


We can offer various plating at a low cost because of the cooperation with local plating companies in Cebu

Local contribution

The Nitto Group promotes the following initiatives as a regional contribution in Cebu City.

  1. receive and train trainees and technical interns
  2. have installed flush toilets in Elementary Schools in cooperation with Cebu Rotary Club
  3. established the scholarship foundation for junior high school students in Cebu in cooperation with Kasugai Rotary Club, Aichi, Japan
Arcelo Memorial National High School scholarship
Arcelo Memorial National High School scholarship
Simeon Ayuda Elementary School Flush toilet
Simeon Ayuda Elementary School Flush toilet

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Company Name:
Nitto Metal Industry Cebu Inc.
Pahiyas Drive, MEZ-Ⅱ‐SEZ, Basak,
Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines, 601
20 mins from Mactan Cebu International Airport by car.
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